VIVERE Made A Green Step With A New Eco-Friendly Furniture Series, Called Vassa Series Collection

VIVERE develops a new furniture series that is eco-friendly to the indoor environment.

Vassa is a combination of green material with elegant natural look and superb intricate design, that wrapped with touch of contemporary style. The material of Vassa is eco-friendly. Vassa applies water based finished wood coating paint by Sayerlack (Italy) in the final coating process, which is odorless and doesn’t contain any toxic chemical. Beside to create smoothness and bringing elegant look to the product, the water based  finishing is very safe for the air quality at indoor environment. The selection of greener material is a step of green practice that VIVERE takes in promoting living green.
Inspired by the nation artistic character that commonly practice craving or crafting the main character of Vassa lays in its intricate slices or bevel detail.

The slices details at each corner of Vassa have become a new touch state of art and design expression, that creatively created by utilizing the combination art, design and manufacturing technologies.
Vassa distinct lifestyle blends well with contemporary interior with natural style. The series is available for living room, dining room, bedding and home office collection.

Vassa incorporate warm and natural color in each of its collection. The selection of walnut veneer and the open pore finishing technique for the wooden furniture, is combine with natural and earth tone color for the upholstery products, creating warm, relaxing and calm ambiance inside the room.

Vassa is lean, the straight leg and simple lines creates lighter impression for the room interior. The furniture series is suitable for compact apartment and residential. But also applicable for bigger space, as the spacios room left gives zen and balance atmosphere.

The style of Vassa is urban with refreshing design and intricate details. The look is simple, the shape is lighter and the size is compact. The bevel shape twist applied in each edge of the furniture requires high craftmanship skill to create. This rich bevel details brings urban vibe to the collection.

Vassa, the latest VIVERE furniture series with contemporary look is developed by Irvan A.Noe’man, one of Indonesian prominent industrial designer.

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